Turning Your Water Off – Plan Ahead

If there is a water leak in your home, do you know how to shut off the water to minimize damage?

Everyone should take time to locate the shut off and have whatever tools that may be necessary to perform this task. Don’t wait until you have a problem.

You do not want to be running around frantically trying to figure it out, while the continued water flow is damaging your biggest investment.

In the Greenville area, shut off valves are usually placed in a basement, or a crawl space where the main water line comes in through the foundation wall. The valve can also be found buried and a small access box, outside near the foundation. If your house was built on a slab, the valve may be near the water heater, garage, closet, or inside a cabinet. After you search in all of these areas, if the valve isn’t found, you will probably need to turn off the water meter, if you have town water.

Water meters are buried in the ground near the road or sidewalk. To shut the water off in this location you may need to purchase a water meter key. These can be bought at any plumbing supply store or big box home store. Store the meter key where it won’t get lost in keep a screwdriver nearby as well, to help pry open the meter cover. I recommend using the water meter key instead of pliers because Black Widow spiders sometimes live in water meter boxes. Best to keep your hands clear of this area…

If you have a well as your water supply, the valve would probably be found by a large blue tank in the basement or crawl space. You can also shut off the electrical power to the pump at the circuit breaker panel.

Once the water is off, a hot and cold-water tap should be open to discharge any pressure quickly. Finding the valve in knowing how to operate it may save you from having thousands of dollars in damage is. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.